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Welcome to Spanish Town - The First Capital of Jamaica [www.spanishtownjamaica.com]
Jamaica [www.spanishtownjamaica.com]
European Flag [www.spanishtownjamaica.com]
U.S.A Flag [www.spanishtownjamaica.com]
Welcome to Spanish Town, Jamaica, West Indies. This is the Official Website for Spanish Town, Jamaica. Here you will find information on our first capital and first city, interesting people, significant places, and our businesses.  So come travel with us, as we give you a grand tour.
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The St. Catherine Parish Council [www.spanishtownjamaica.com]
This is the Parish Council in the Square in Spanish Town. It houses the Mayor's Parlour and several government offices. The Town Council meets weekly to decide on matters in this town. You are looking directly at History - this is one of Jamaica's most important buildings. The Mayor, The Secretary Manager and other Officials occupy this building.  It is a historic building.

Our first student came to our intervention program at Spanish Town Citizens Against Gun Violence when we first started out.   Here is a young man who not only excelled, he listened, he learned and he performed.   


He did so very well in our intervention program and has now migrated to the United States where he is in college. 


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The Iron Bridge [www.spanishtownjamaica.com]

The Spanish Town Iron Bridge, which spans the Rio Cobre river at the eastern end of Spanish Town, can be seen from the Stubbs Bridge that is currently being used. The abutment of the bridge is constructed with cut stone while the bridge is cast iron. It is about 81ft long and 15ft wide.


This bridge, erected in 1801, at a cost of four thousand pounds is the oldest bridge of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.


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